It's a beautiful day, ladies and gentlemen.

Want to know why? Because today I am sharing with you photos from a recent birth I had the honor of attending with Ashley Graham and her perfect little nugget, Jackson. He was born at 5:03 pm on 6/20/20 at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital. My goodness is he sweet!!

Stats on baby Jack:

7 pounds 6 ounces & 20.5 inches long

I was so honored to be with Ashley throughout her labor and delivery. There really aren't very many things that are as beautiful as bringing another life into the world. She rode each contraction with such strength, kept her breathing even, and managed to continue moving despite the pain. She labored for approximately 15 hours, before little man made his arrival.

“I woke up to my water breaking, but I wasn't sure if I'd just peed myself” - Ashley

The love in that room on 06/20 was so overwhelming. I know that baby Jackson and his Mom have a lot more where that came from, too. I will enjoy watching him grow and play with his beautiful big sister, Alexia.

When asked what advice she would give to someone considering having their birth photographed Ashley said;

"You should definitely do it. She stays within your comfort level while also doing what she needs to do to get the shot (you barely know shes there)"

Interested in having your birth story captured? Send me a message!