Hey guys! This blog entry is more of a very short story because that's the only way I seem to be able to tell it. It's the true story, behind my business name, and the gorgeous logo that was designed by the very talented Gabrielle Scarlett.

April 2016 I got a call that changed my whole world. My Grandfather had passed away unexpectedly. I have been trying to find the words for the last few weeks to describe this loss to you, and I can't. Even though I live in Vermont and they were in Maine I loved my Grandparents both so very much. I always enjoyed the week my siblings and I were able to spend with them on the coast each summer. Nana always made sure to read us a bedtime story, and we'd wake up before the sun to go lobstering with Grampy. The smell of the sea was all around us, relaxing, and constant.

When I got the call, it didn't even really register what had happened, they had to be wrong, I just texted him the day before and he seemed fine, happy. But a day or so later as I was driving to York, Maine to say goodbye it really hit me that he was gone.

I knew wasn't ready to face my family just yet, so I parked at one end of Long Sands beach and got out for a walk. April on the coast of Maine is always brisk, but I took off my shoes anyway to walk the beach. I hoped that breathing in the smell of the ocean, and feeling the sand underneath my feet would help somehow. I have walked this same stretch of beach many, many times with my father, grand mother, and even my oldest daughter a couple of times because it's where I have always gone camping. It's where my Dad went as a child, where he brought me, and now where I will bring my girls each summer, but never in my life have I found any really notable shells on this beach. Just your usual clam shells, mussels, and periwinkles. I walked the beach, keeping just above the tide, practically immersing myself in the sounds, smells, and feel of the ocean that I love so much. I don't know how far I walked until I saw it, a tiny sea shell sitting in the sand. It was a perfectly intact sand dollar, roughly the size of a nickle, just sitting there lightly on top of the sand. Almost as if it was placed there for me to find. Some people believe in fate, or a higher power, and I sure don't want to get into religion in any way, but I do feel that someone or something left that perfect little sand dollar there for me to find that day.

It has been just over three years since all of this occurred, and with the start of my business I knew I wanted to honor my grandparents, using the name Restless Photography, named for their Lobster boat Restless

My Grandparents taught me so much about life and love, never even realizing they were doing it. Because of them I believe in soulmates, and in working hard to achieve anything you set your mind to. They worked hard their whole lives, and overcame so much together. I am Restless because it's a constant reminder to work hard for my dreams.

I'm so glad that I grew up the way I did, being taught the importance of family, and that you can do anything with hard work and dedication. I will always put my heart and soul into my photography business, and into each photo I take.

I'll capture you and your family in beautiful portraits that future generations will treasure.